Webinar Series: How can companies implement a compliance programme? - Webinar I: Commitment

This six-part webinar series addresses the question of how companies, and SMEs in particular, can successfully implement compliance programs. To ensure integrity in corporate commerce, compliance programs play a very important role by providing the structure for companies to identify risks themselves. Therefore, this event series presents six simple steps - derived from the recommendation of the United Nations Global Compact Network - on how to implement a compliance system. The information needed to implement a compliance program will be supplemented by best practices for each implementation step, answers to typical questions asked by companies, and exchanges between participants.

Part one of this webinar series will address the company's commitment to compliance. This first webinar will first introduce participants to the topic discussing myths and truths about the importance of integrity and compliance as well as the impact of corruption, introduce the work of the German Global Compact Network, and provide a brief overview of the entire six-step compliance program.

This is followed by the introduction to implementing a compliance program with experts answering typical questions about the first step: commitment.

The webinar focusses on the following questions:

  • What are the challenges of implementing a compliance program, especially for SMEs?
  • How can the 6-step model help companies in implementing a compliance program?
  • What do companies need to consider in step 1? Which stakeholders need to be involved?
  • What are best practices and tips for step 1?

Finally, an exchange with and between the participants is planned.


The goal of this online event series is to break down the implementation of a successful compliance program into simple steps for companies, especially SMEs, and to provide the necessary information and tips to successfully implement such programs. Thus, the event series will share best practices for each implementation step and answer typical questions companies have.


Each event is designed to provide an exchange with a company representative who already has experience with compliance programmes and shares practical insights. In this webinar, Hannah Engels will provide input. After professional positions as a lawyer and prosecutor as well as various compliance positions at HOCHTIEF AG and real GmbH, Ms. Engels currently holds the position as Compliance Officer at METRO AG.


The webinar primarily aims at small and medium-sized companies and is free to attend.

Please register here: https://www.globalcompact.de/veranstaltungen/termin/webinarreihe-wie-koennen-unternehmen-ein-compliance-programm-implementieren-webinar-i-verpflichten-1. 


The webinar will be held in German and via GoToWebinar. The event will also be recorded to allow interested parties to re-watch the webinar afterwards. The event will also provide an opportunity for the audience to ask the speakers specific questions.


Participation in the webinar is free of charge.


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Date from: 22.03.2022 10:00
Date to: 22.03.2022 10:45
CET: Europe/Berlin


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