Digital Corruption Prevention Training ‘De Empresas Para Empresas’

The training programme of the Alliance for Integrity seeks to assist companies in developing and implementing effective corruption prevention systems. Major companies with established compliance systems become trainers and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with little or no experience in countering corruption by transferring their knowledge and experiences. The companies gain practical knowledge to solve problems related to corruption and to increase their competitiveness.

Elements of the Training Programme

The training programme addresses the following points:

  • Definitions: What is corruption and what types of corruption exist?
  • Relevance for the own company: How is my company affected by corruption? Corruption prevention based on practical examples.
  • Risk factors: Presentation of typical risks and possible measures to reduce them.
  • Potential solutions for critical situations and prevention measures: How do I behave in critical situations? What are essential components of an ethics and compliance programme? What needs to be considered when choosing business partners? Which advantages can collective action bring?

Support Desk 

Many questions arise only when implementing corruption prevention measures into practice. This is why the Alliance for Integrity has developed a support structure. After completing the training programme, participants gain access to an online support desk that provides expert answers to practical questions on the implementation of corruption prevention measures within 72 hours.


This training will be divided into a Kick-Off Session on March 29, and four content sessions, on 30 and 31 of March and 05 and 06 of April 2022, from 09:00 to 11:00 (GMT-5), in Spanish language. The sessions will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams.


  • Jenny Marcela Hernández - Telefónica
  • Luz Ayda Otalora - CENIT
  • María Elvira Olmos - Novartis
  • María Paula Arango - Telefónica
  • Mónica Vargas - Lemaitre

Who can participate?

The target audience for the trainings are representatives of SMEs in Colombia with little or no experience in implementing effective corruption prevention systems. Participation is also open to representatives of other organisations interested in learning about definitions, risk factors, and potential solutions in the area of business integrity.


There is no registration fee to participate in this training programme.

Please use the form below to register. After a successful evaluation, a confirmation email will be sent.


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Date from: 29.03.2022 09:00
Date to: 06.04.2022 11:00
CET: America/Bogota


Alliance for Integrity 

Implementation Partner
Pacto Global Red Colombia