Companies, institutions and organisations that stand committed to the ethos/core values of Alliance for Integrity are welcome to join this unique initiative and render their support to building and strengthening this growing network. Join our partners and supporters in promoting integrity and taking action.


Do you have questions on how to get involved? We are glad to help!


Value Proposition
How to get involved
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Value Proposition

Joining the initiative has a number of advantages for your company.

Capacity building

The workshops and training courses of the Alliance for Integrity allow supporters and their business partners to implement concrete measures to increase integrity in their organisation.

Information and knowledge

Whether it is other companies’ best-practice examples, guidelines, or international studies, as a part of the Alliance for Integrity your organisation has direct access to knowledge about integrity and compliance. Acting with integrity in business and society offers clear benefits. The Alliance for Integrity promotes the issue to increase awareness of integrity and encourage more and more companies and organisations to pursue it.

Network and support

As a supporter of the Alliance for Integrity, your company is part of a global network of representatives of a variety of industries, sectors, and regions. Supporters have access to relevant stakeholders and the opportunity to discuss their experiences with other compliance experts - in their region as well as on the global scale. However, not all issues can be discussed in large groups. The Alliance for Integrity provides access to international anti-corruption experts who can help to overcome certain management challenges at your company. (No legal advice provided.)

Peer-to-Peer Learning

The best way to learn is usually from others. The Alliance for Integrity encourages its supporters to share their experiences in a variety of industries and regions. Best-practice examples provide suggestions on how to more effectively establish integrity in your company.

Public-Private Dialogue

The role that integrity plays in a society also depends on the overall conditions. As a supporter of the Alliance for Integrity, your organisation has the opportunity to get involved in the mutual exchange between business, civil society and political actors. Supporters help to improve the overall framework conditions for transparent business environment.

Businesses Take Action. Get involved!

How to get involved

If your organisation would like to support the Alliance for Integrity please follow this procedure:

1. Showing interest

Please contact us if you gained interest in getting involved in our network.

2. Getting to know

As a next step we will get to know one another and exchange ideas about a possible collaboration.

3. Joining the network

Once your organisation joins the global network your logo and name can be placed on our website and the use of the Alliance for Integrity "We take action" logo can be requested.

4. Becoming active

As a supporter or partner of the Alliance for Integrity your organisation will become active within the network. Together we will develop a customised way of collaboration.

Take Action

On a strictly voluntary basis, the Alliance for Integrity supporters pool their experience, knowledge and funds to initiate collective action activities in various countries. The basic principles for Alliance for Integrity’s projects are integrity, partnership and sustainable impact. Based on the commitment of its supporters, the Alliance for Integrity cooperates with all relevant stakeholders internationally and countries it engages in. It builds on and enables existing institutions and structures wherever and whenever possible. 

Supporting companies, institutions and organisations can provide the Alliance for Integrity with:

  1. Guidance and strategic support
  2. Manpower, technical and organisational support
  3. Contacts and network connections
  4. In-kind or financial contributions