TheIntegrityApp is a digital tool for the self-assessment of compliance programmes which was developed by the Alliance for Integrity together with its partners. The digital tool specifically aims at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that have little or no experience in compliance. By answering a practical and short questionnaire, you will receive a score between 0 and 100 indicating the status quo of your company or institution in terms of compliance. In order to work on the identified areas for improvement, the app provides free access to training material that offer support to further implement policies to promote integrity in your business or institution.

TheIntegrityApp is available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Bahasa. 

The self-assessment is completely anonymised. Your data is being protected according to EU standards and will only be used for customised adjustments and analytical processes.

Please note that the application does not provide a certification. 



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TheIntegrityApp for the private sector


What does TheIntegrityApp offer?

A questionnaire containing 25 questions is the basis of the self-assessment. After completing the self-evaluation, you will gain free access to information that are tailored to your specific weak points. The training material includes practice-oriented podcasts, videos and texts that provide a step-by-step guideline to improve your compliance programme. To track the progress made, it is recommended to regularly re-run the self-assessment.

Who can use TheIntegrityApp?

TheIntegrityApp has been developed for companies and institutions that want to quickly self-asses their status quo to strategically implement or enhance their compliance programme. To generate meaningful results, the person responsible for completing the self-evaluation should have the necessary knowledge and authorisation to answer the questions correctly and implement the recommendations within the company. In many cases, this person will be the compliance officer.

What are the benefits?

TheIntegrityApp is a free and accessibly tool that allows you to quickly self-asses your compliance programme. It provides individual training material and recommendations that help to improve compliance measures within your company or institution.

You can download TheIntegrityApp in the Google Play Store or on iTunes. Or click here to use the desktop version!

TheIntegrityApp for the public sector

The Alliance for Integrity and its partners have co-created the app for the private sector and adapted it for use in the public sector. In Colombia, TheIntegrityApp is part of the government’s strategic approach to strengthen business integrity. It allows Colombian companies that signed an integrity pact to self-assess their compliance capacities and to further improve by making use of tailored content delivered through the app. The Alliance for Integrity sends a biweekly report on the status quo to the government. 

In Brazil, the Alliance for Integrity and the Ministry of Transparency, Supervision and Control jointly developed a version of TheIntegrityApp for the public sector. Changes include a self-assessment tailored to the specific needs of the public sector and a set of targeted tools and resources. Public servants in Brazil can anonymously use the app to self-assess their knowledge of compliance and evaluate the compliance capacities of superiors and their organisations. The government receives an overview of the level of compliance capacities of participating government institutions. 

In Brazil and Colombia, the data provides a structured overview that enables the governments to use limited resources where they have the greatest impact. All data is aggregated and anonymised.