Governance Structure

The Alliance for Integrity's governance structure consists of the global Steering Committee - working closely together with the Secretariat in Berlin - and the local Advisory Groups - working together with the regional offices in our hubs in the regions.

on the Global level


The core element of the governance structure is the Steering Committee, which leads the decision-making process with the goal of promoting responsible and clean business practices globally.

The Steering Committee is comprised of the private sector, the public sector, the civil society as well as representatives of international organisations. The exact composition can vary due to rotation every year. Meetings are held twice a year; additionally, the Steering Committee can be convened upon request.

The Steering Committee currently consists of 18 members:

Private Sector: 5 members

Represented by

 >   MAN SE
 >   Merck Group
 >   SAP SE
 >   Traton SE

Business Associations: 2 members

Represented by

 >   Federation of German Industries (BDI)
 >   Association of German Chambers of Industry and             Commerce (DIHK)

Government representatives: 1 member

Represented by

 >   German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation           and Development (BMZ)

Civil Society: 2 members

Represented by

 >   German Global Compact Network
 >   Transparency International Germany

Think Tank: 1 member

Represented by

 >   Basel Institute on Governance

International Organisations: 2 members

Represented by

  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Advisory Group representatives: 5 members

Represented by

 >   SAP Brazil (Advisory Group Brazil)
 >   Ghana Integrity Initiative (Advisory Group Ghana)
 >   Merck India (Advisory Group India)
 >   Indonesia-Hong Kong Business Association (Advisory         Group Indonesia)
 >   Vesta Mexico (Advisory Group Mexico)

The functions of the Steering Committee are:

  • Provide thought leadership and guidance for the Alliance for Integrity’s operations.
  • Performs policy and programme oversight of the Alliance for Integrity, including approval of the Alliance for Integrity’s annual work programme.
  • Decide on the primary target countries of the Alliance for Integrity.
  • Approves the accession of new supporters to the Alliance for Integrity.

on the regional level


In each country where the Alliance for Integrity is active, a local multi-stakeholder Advisory Group has been established. The Advisory Group is assigned with consultative tasks on the country level.

Each Advisory Group serves as a sounding board for the network in the respective region. Its primary role is to provide direction and guidance to the initiative. The body consists of supporters, thought leaders, practitioners, and experts who steer the Alliance for Integrity towards the desired goal of promoting responsible and clean business in the respective region. Meetings take place several times a year.

The functions of the Advisory Group are:

  • Aid in the development of a broad blueprint to action the stated mandate.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and network support to shape and nurture partnerships and collaborations among a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Guide the project to facilitate the creation of systems, delivery mechanisms and instruments that are helpful in fostering and mainstreaming a culture of ethical business.

More details regarding the local Advisory Groups are available on the individual country profile pages.